- Our Food -

Here at The Fat Duck we are incredibly passionate about where our food comes from.

Our Fish

Our Fish comes from family-owned and operated Harbour Fish based out of Dunedin. Harbour Fish use local fishermen that catch wild, sustainable, and in-season fish from the lower South Island. On our menu, you will find us using lesser-known fish varieties and encouraging our customers to try a little of a wide variety of fish. This is the best way everyone can contribute to help make NZ’s fisheries more sustainable for future generations.

Our Eggs

Our eggs come from Michael & Marie-Louise Gardyne from Absolute Free Range Eggs, Gore. Their hens are exactly that - free-range. They roam the farm keeping the sheep company, foraging in the grass by day, and return home to roost in the evening at their own free will. The farm is focused on animal welfare and ethical & sustainable farming practices producing eggs the way nature intended, without cages or mass production barns.

Te Mana Lamb

Te Mana Lamb is not your typical lamb. The result of a 10-year development program over 4 breeds of lamb, and exclusively grass-fed in 35 specialist High Country Farms (Such as Walter Peak Station in Queenstown). Sustainably and ethically raised, this lamb is finished in the lowlands for 30 days on chicory herb crops, resulting in fine intermuscular micro-marbling and naturally high levels of Omega 3 never seen before in lamb.

Pure South Beef

Our Pure South Beef is sourced from Alliance Meats. Alliance meats are the only 100% farmer-owned red meat Co-operative in NZ, allowing all the profits to go back into the farms and be re-invested in the business. Nutrient-rich red meat that is full of flavour begins with a pure source. There is no better place to farm sheep & cattle than right here in New Zealand. Our climate is mild and temperate, the air and water are pure, and animals can thrive outdoors year-round.

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