Terms and Conditions

Function & Venue Hire Terms and Conditions

Updated: 1st August, 2023

Bookings for Functions & Venue Hire

Booking Confirmation: To confirm your booking, the Fat Duck requires the function confirmation form to be returned and the deposit to be paid in full. The deposit amount will vary and is based on a percentage of the anticipated total cost of the booking. If the deposit is not received within the agreed time (usually seven days from booking), then the Fat Duck reserves the right to release the booking.
Final Confirmation: The Fat Duck requires that all details pertaining to your hire be confirmed at least five working days prior to your function. This includes menu choice, beverage choice, arrival and departure times, and any other special requests.
Cancellation Policy: The Fat Duck requires at least five days’ notice should a booking need to be cancelled for any reason. Any cancellation within the five-day cancellation period deems that the deposit is unreturnable.

Hireage Conditions

Minimum Spend Agreement: To ensure that venue hire covers our costs, the Fat Duck and the hirer will agree to a minimum spend amount. This is instead of a venue hire charge and will vary depending on the time of year and day of the week.
Food & Drink: All requirements for catering, including food and drink, must be confirmed at least five working days before booking. If there is a decrease in the number of confirmed guests within five days, then the Fat Duck reserves the right to charge the originally agreed amount for the catering requirements in full. If we are advised that the number of guests should increase within five working days of the function, then the Fat Duck will endeavour to cater for the additional guests, but the availability of preferred food & beverage choices cannot be guaranteed.
Personal Property: While all care is taken by Fat Duck staff to protect the belongings of your guests while at our premises, no responsibility will be taken for stolen, lost or damaged property of individuals.
Decorations: If the hirer wishes to decorate the venue, prior approval from Fat Duck management must be confirmed before fastening any items to any surface of the venue.

Function Areas

Relocation of booked Area: The Fat Duck reserves the right to relocate the area provided for the function or open the area up to other patrons if the number of guests attending the function should fall by more than 20% of agreed number of attendees.

Conduct of Guests

The Fat Duck is bound by New Zealand Liquor licensing laws and any function held on our premises must comply with all rules in relation to our license, not limited to, but including the following points:
Damage: Fat Duck staff will not tolerate any violence or wilful damage on their premises. The hirer will be liable for any damage that occurs during the function and will be accountable for any expenses incurred as a result.
Minors: Individuals under 18 years of age are to be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian on licenced premises.
Evidence of Age: If requested by Fat Duck staff, individuals must produce suitable photographic identification.
Intoxicated Persons: The Fat Duck reserves the right to remove individuals from their premises if they are deemed to be behaving in a disorderly manner and/or intoxicated. Fat Duck staff & management reserves the right to cease serving alcohol or close down any function as a result of an intoxicated person or persons at attendance.

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