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We at the Fat Duck Gastropub believe that to have a successful business, you not only need great individuals but a fantastic team culture. Not only are our team members committed to our company core values, but they are supported in achieving the best mutual outcomes by being involved in the business process.

Our Open Book Management

Here at ELSEB Hospitality, we take business seriously. We take an Open Book Management approach to our business and we teach all our team members the critical numbers of the business. We have a team huddle weekly on Wednesdays where we analyze the previous week's critical numbers and forecast for the following week. This gives each team member an owner's perspective of how the business is performing and running, creating a culture where we are learning and growing every day. It’s about understanding the Great Game of business and we win or lose together as a team.

Performance Incentive Programme

We run a Performance Incentive Programme (PIP) in our business. Every team member has control of the critical numbers and therefore when we win everyone is rewarded. If we hit our weekly target set out in our yearly plan then we pay 1% of turnover weekly, on a pro-rata based on hours worked. This creates a great level of discussion as the week progresses and our Team chases down the weekly goal.

Management PIP

Our Open Book policy means that our management team is confident in looking at a Profit & Loss sheet and all have a great understanding of the overheads and costs in our business. Our managers are set KPI’s every month with wage costs and COGS. When our KPI’s are achieved their PIP is 1.5% of turnover. This is divided up into 1% for Tier 1 managers and 0.5% for Tier 2 managers. Our management team have created some outstanding results for this business since we have implemented this.


We believe that Systems in any business are crucial and we have a belief that the system runs the business and the people run the system. We have world-class digital systems that our team use every day. We are constantly trying to improve our systems so that we can create a better business.

Employee Professional Development

We believe every day is an opportunity to grow and to give back. “Growth” is one of our company values and therefore we place a huge emphasis on growing our team. We work closely with world-class coaching from The Hospitality Company and can offer professional coaching and support so we can grow better leaders and better people. So if you want to grow yourself, your career and your leadership then get in touch we would love to take flight with you.

Want to join the team? We are always on the look out for 'A players'.

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