What We Live By

− Our Purpose−

To own a company that attracts and develops talent, while improving our business and contributing to our community.

Our Mission Statement

We strive to be Te Anau’s favourite restaurant by creating a workplace where our team is committed to providing the best guest experience in Southland. We believe everyday is an opportunity to improve and to give back.

Owners of the Fat Duck Gastropub Te Anau, Cam, Selina and Eli, standing at the Fat Duck bar

Our Values

A waitress with pen and paper taking the order for two seated customers

Our Guiding Principles

  • Learn to hit the curve ball 
  • Ensure every guest leaves happy 
  • Exceed guest expectations at every opportunity 
  • Take every opportunity to learn, grow and improve 
  • Always look for the good
  • Do the right thing always, no matter who is looking 
  • Try your best to inspire others everyday

Find us on the map

124 Town Centre, Te Anau, New Zealand